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comparison Table Keyless door Locks

Product Name
Number Pad
Price Range
All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical
All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical
3.4 pounds

5.5 x 1.5 x 1 inches$$
August Smart Lock
August Smart Lock
No13.9 ounces
3.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches
Kwikset 92640-001
Kwikset 92640-001
2.8 pounds
1.1 x 3 x 4.6 inches
MiLocks DKK-02SN
MiLocks DKK-02SN
2.2 pounds
6 x 5.8 x 6.5 inches

SoHoMiLL YL 99
SoHoMiLL YL 99
2.9 pounds
6.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches

Top 3 Keyless Door Locks reviewed

Best design

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 – Universial Deadbolt by Samsung

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 advantage
The Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 is a smart, sleek lock designed by digital juggernauts Samsung. This lock, which is entirely digital but also offers a manual override, is an incredibly beautiful product, its design really leaning towards a lot of the smart products Samsung have started producing. As we all know, Samsung is a leading power in electrical products, and this wireless door lock really doesn’t hint at anything other than excellence we’ve come to expect from the brand. With it’s easy to use keypad and light-up numbers, there’s also a swipe key that offers automatic unlock to the person with the card to hand.

What’s great?

  • A massive plus point compared to a lot of locks is the design. It’s a class above a lot else that is out there, with the smooth, almost futuristic black front and easy-to-see numbers.
  • The Ezon Digital Door Lock has card key access, manual override keys and the ability to lock-in up to 70 users with unique codes, something that makes this lock really ideal for a busy office as well as live-in property.
  • Intruder detection and alarm means that if someone breaks through the lock, an alarm will go off and alert the homeowner/property manager. This also has volume control.
  • This lock is easy to install and will need no more holes cutting or DIY doing, merely a standard install into your old lock placement.
  • The Ezon SHS-3320 is weatherproof. Which, depending on where you’re from, could be a heaven-sent. Rain or shine this lock will come through for you.

What’s Not So Great?

  • There is talk of the motor involved in the locking mechanic being a little underpowered. It opens and it closes, so this isn’t a major issue but it’s something some users have brought up.
  • If the door you install the lock on is left within half an inch of the door frame where the sensor is attached, the door will try and lock itself a few times. If the door doesn’t lock after a few attempts, there will be a short alarm noise. Once this noise ends, you could be left with your door open unknowingly. Another small factor, but people often only close the door over, not completely, meaning you’re getting security issues.
  • The battery power of this digital smart-lock is a problem. It eats up batteries like they’re going out of fashion.

I’m a really big fan of this piece of kit. It’s got such a lovely design to it that I would love on in my house. It’s typical Samsung in quality and look and I can see why it’s such a popular product. The battery problem is an annoyance, and the fact it is battery powered might mean you’ll need to keep some spares in the house. But at the same time, you could also carry the manual key around with you to keep you safe.

If your home is modern and you like to keep your accessories in keeping with this look then this lock is for you. It’s not just stylish, but practical too. You can keep up to 70 different codes installed, meaning large families or extended members of your home could keep the codes and enter at will. You’ll certainly find very few faults with this lock, that’s for sure.

Best value for money

Schlage FE575 PLY 619 ACC Plymouth Keypad Entry with Auto-Lock and Accent Levers, Satin Nickel

Next on our list of best products on the market is the Schlage FE575. Schlage, one of the most popular, used brands around the world are trusted within the lock market have been around for years, first trading in 1929. Manufacturer of high quality locks in multiple different styles, I’ve chosen the Plymouth because it’s one of their best keyless lock models and also really cost effective.
Schlage FE575 PLY 619 ACC advantage
The Plymouth lock is a solid, decent piece of kit and a traditional looking lock that would fit in any home environment. Offering both keyless and manual locking, the FE575 has a neat, easy to use door code lock that is clear and simple. It’s a great buy.

What’s Great?

  • The brand is one of the most trustworthy on the market and offers almost faultless usage. With the brand also being a lock specialty brand, their expertise is from this industry. I sometimes have problems with buying into a brand that spread their product range far and wide.
  • The FE575 automatically locks itself after 5 seconds, meaning that if you forget to lock it yourself, you can be safe in the knowledge that the automated system will do it for you. It’s a peace of mind in the little things.
  • As quoted by Schlage, installation should take no longer than 30 minutes as long as you have a screwdriver to hand. That type of quickness is perfect for your busy lifestyle and even better for someone who isn’t too DIY friendly.
  • The battery life on this keyless lock is over 3 years. That’s a really long time not to need to worry about something as small but important as getting into your home.
  • There’s no programming actually required here. You can use it right from unpacking as it’s automatically programmed with two codes so it’s merely install and away you go.

What’s Not So Great?

  • Although it’s a nice lock, it really is what-you-see-is-what-you-get. There’s nothing smart about this, it’s just codes and handles. It also has a key with it which could be a benefit but it’s also another thing that you need to keep an eye on not losing.
  • There’s a slight problem with the handle – and I mean slight. You need to pull the handle down at 90 degrees to open the door. As a one-off this may seem fine, but it will grow as a frustration if this handle is opening a door that is used regularly.

This lock is a real safe bet. It may not be up there with the likes of our Samsung counterpart for design and general coolness, but it’s a dependable, effective lock for most uses both commercially and around the home too. There really are few negatives around this product, I suppose it just goes down to personal taste on the design as to whether you want it. There’s no way that anything should put you off, and I see this as the perfect fit for a office or utility room of a business or home.

Best durability

Digital Door Lock M210 Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt, Antique Brass

Door and gate security specialists Lockey USA have been around for a little while (since 1970 to be exact) and they’re one of the original companies behind the now standard keyless door lock technology, using the mission “change the code, not the lock” to help create a helpful and secure way of avoiding unwanted costs.
Digital Door Lock M210 Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Advantage
This lock – the M210 – is just one in a large range of keyless locks on offer from Lockey USA. It’s slightly different to the two above, and this is something that attracted me to it. On first look, this isn’t too flashy, but it really does do the job it’s being bought to do – to keep an area secure. It’s simple to use and easy to key in the code and that’s what you’re getting with this lock – simplicity.

What’s great?

  • The codes are simple and easy to program on this system. In fitting with the whole product, you can have a certain peace of mind in the idea that you can change and give out the key code as much as you would ever want.
  • No batteries needed. This is a nice bonus compared to some of the other locks on the market. Because there are no batteries needed, there’s no way you can be trapped out of the house with no way of getting in. And no batteries means less cost, too. Win, win.
  • A template is given for installation. You will need to drill holes to install this lock but as I said, help is provided for this in the form of a template. Providing even the most DIY-shy person the ability to fit the lock.
  • Highly reliable. This brand and this style of lock has been around a while, but it has always proved to be perfect for utility rooms and office spaces. As long as someone remembers the code, you can’t go wrong.
  • This lock has a real minimalist design to it, so it’s perfect for almost all doors. It’s not polarizing with no garish parts and certainly isn’t an eyesore.

What’s not so great?

  • There are no keys to this lock. A lot of other locks have keys with them and are multifunctional in their keyless and manual abilities. If someone forgets the code to this though, there is no getting through the door. It’s something worth thinking about.
  • This isn’t really the most up-to-date design on the market. There are other locks that offer other handy features, especially if this is for the home.
  • This lock wouldn’t fit the aesthetics of the front of a home. It’s also not practical for a front door situation, either. Whereas it may fit in on a gate, the lack of handle doesn’t make for a worthwhile addition for the entry to your house.

This lock is a good, if a little standard product. You’ve got little on offer but you have an abundance of reliability. It all depends where you plan to use this and what you’re after in a keyless lock. For ease of use though, there’s few else like it.

Infographics Of Best Keyless Door Lock

Infographics Of Best Keyless Door Lock

Complete Buyers Guide for Purchasing a Great Keyless Door Lock For Your Home or Business

Do you need an electric lock?

This sounds like the most obvious, easy question in the word. But there would be no sense in starting out the conversation if you don’t need one. For example, if you’re just looking to lock a standard cupboard or small unit, an electric lock might not be the one for you. We’re all about giving you the right options and what to consider.

If you need one, great, but it’s worth making sure it’s for the right place. Security tight areas, home security and office units are the best spaces to use these locks. There’s no hard and fast rules, but these are the best.

What is the lock protecting?

As much of an important question as the one above: what are you keeping behind the door that’s using the lock? Because there are different styles, you need to know what the different uses are for each of the locks. There are so many types that it is sometimes hard to keep up. It’s absolutely worth knowing where – and why – you’re going to use the lock and how you want entry. What’s beyond the soon-to-be locked door is a big question in which lock you choose.

How many people will be using the lock?

This links in with where you’re going to be using the lock and what for – how many people will be using it? Because of the different styles, you’ll want to get the lock that is best adaptable if you’re going to be allowing many people to use it. It is possible to get locks that are activated by a thumbprint or even ones that have biometric security. When comparing the different kinds of great keyless door locks with various ratings it’s important to think about what will work best for you.

If you’re in an office environment or work in a depot, for example, you may want to make sure you pick a lock and keypad that allows for regular changes in code and for multiple combinations to be used at one time. Some have touchscreen enabled functionality whereas others have simple numeric code control.

That’s just one example. If you’re using it in the family home, you may want to find a piece of kit that is sleeker but has less of a broad scope for usage. It’s entirely up to you. Knowing what to look for and what to consider when choosing is key though.

Do you still want a key?

Although electric locks are really handy because they’re keyless, you still get the option of having a key with some models. This can be either a massive help or a bit of a hindrance, depending on who the lock is for. The ones that don’t have a key sometimes just have a knob for opening and closing the door. In many consumer reports you will see advisements against taking ones without the key as a failsafe.

The idea with the key is that it offers the extra hand if the battery runs out or you forget the key code, which is great. But having a key is just another thing to carry around – especially if you bought a keyless lock for the exact opposite reason. The way I look at it is it’s still handy to have as a back-up, but it really depends what your needs are. Deciding the best for you though, will of course depend on your personal preference.

Brands, glorious brands

There are so many brands and manufacturers to look out for on the market, knowing which are the best, can be tricky. Reading a good quality buying guide like this can really help to drill down on your choice. There are brands that have been around for years, there are brands that are new to the market and there are brands creating locks who are from other fields. Are they all any good though or just some of them?

Samsung, for example, are known for their general electrical appliances, and now they’ve decided to create a keyless lock which is beautiful, trendy and in line with their other products. August, however, have the experience behind them in this industry, and therefore may seem more trustworthy for you. There’s so much more going on than these brands though, so it’s worth checking out or full range of reviews.

Functionality for you

Locks these days do so much, choosing the best buy and not just picking the best seller is a hard decision. They’re no longer merely a barrier between your home and the outside world, they offer other little features which are really helpful.

There are the multiple passcode units, touchpad screens, there’s products that have built-in alarms and other locks have self-locking mechanisms. There really is a bunch of different functionality factors to look out for when you enter this market. Locating the most suitable option means choosing the affordable option that has the best rating and offers the functionality you need.

What is your budget?

How aware are you of the prices? Because you should be. Identify a budget you want to spend before taking a look at the options. Yet, it’s really worth remembering that the hope is you’re going to be using these systems for years to come, to take that into consideration. This is certainly not a purchase where you want to simply opt for the cheapest option or seek out an inexpensive or reasonably priced one. Buying a cost effective locking system is fine but don’t buy one simply because it’s cheap.

Use this site to compare and contrast with the options you like the most. You will soon get to grips with the pricing structures of each model and style. Some prices may be a little more than you want to spend in the short-term, but in the long-run you will probably get what you pay for. Security and peace of mind.

Finding a bargain amongst the options with the lowest price is possible. However, not all of the products that you can find the best savings for are worth the money. You can even buy second hand if the new prices are too high. Some stores, including those online, offer coupons for the products in stock during sale periods.


There’s such a large array of styles to digital locks, it really is eye-catching. Some of the most popular locks are really basic in how they look. A few buttons and a handle. Other products are manufactured to be really stylish and in-fitting with the modern smart-home. Some have larger handles and some have more buttons. It’s a jungle out there, but deciding where you’re going to use the lock will help you decide which style you like the most.

DIY or no DIY

How are you with DIY? It’s a big questions when looking at locks, because although there aren’t many components, it could be a little tricky – especially if you don’t usually put things together yourself. You can make this job a bit easier by buying a lock that easily fits in place of your appliance in your house, therefore simplifying the installation process. Anything more complicated than that, and you may need to get the tools out.

Do you want a Smartlock?

A Smartlock is something that can be used on your cell phone and will fit in with your home if you have a few other smart items. With some of the newer technology, you can integrate you mobile device so that as soon as you walk near the lock the two products sync and open your door. They have the ability to control all your interior and exterior locking functions. Many hotels are now using these.

It’s high-end but really helpful – especially if you tend to forget your key code! This could be the way the whole industry goes in the future, but for now there are only a few companies that are offering this type of functionality.

It is vital to look at how much these locks cost when compared to more traditional locks and look at all the pros and cons before purchasing. If you buy in the January sale you can often find great discounts and even free shipping on products when the companies are running promotions. Make sure that you are not just buying because the item is sales-priced though, it has to be worth it. Don’t just order for the sake of it or you will be disappointed.

Differences between a digital door lock and a classic button code style door lock

Differences between Classic and digital door unlock button
For you to get a better form of knowledge about the market, we’ve identified a few key differences between two of the main styles of lock within this particular niche. The two types I’ve chosen are the digital door lock and the more classic, button code style that we are used to in the market.

Differences in functionality

First of all, there is one clear, obvious difference. The actual functionality. Within the digital (sometimes smart) door lock which can be found here there is an updated, modern feel to the lock. The Samsung appliance that can be found in the link above has some really neat, intelligent features that aren’t found in the traditional lock style which can be found here.

For example, the digital lock very often offers a number of ‘automatic’ features such as intruder alarm, automatic door lock function and low battery alarm. These three features are recent additions to the market, and come with the high-tech revolution that some brands are bringing through in their products. Compare that to the other lock which doesn’t offer any of these features.

Instead it leaves you to find that the battery has ran out for yourself, and doesn’t have an intruder alarm at all. Other functionality differences are more obvious with the higher you get in the ranges. There are very little variances in the traditional keyless lock, they really all tend to offer the same thing but with a different look.

Open the door, bolt the latch and change the passcode are the simple things that we’ve all come to expect from a lock and that’s great, but the advances in technology means that our locks are only going to get more sophisticated and helpful, and this is only going to come from the digital lock market. The scope for improvement in metallic locks as hit its ceiling. And that’s only sending the industry in one way: digital.

Design variations

Another big difference in the locks is the way the two types compare to each other visually. The digital locks are always much tidier, much more attractive in the way they look. There’s a clear difference here between the two, but in this instance it would really depend on where you were using the lock and for what reasons.

I would love a digital lock on front or exterior door at home, but I also know that that style would be unneeded for some commercial properties that see no need in a more expensive looking model. In all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with the older deadbolt lock style.

It is very classy and fit in most places, whereas it’s easy to see that the digital lock would look out of place on a classic family home. Which is why the traditional locks have a nice feel to them: a feel of familiarity. The door knobs are slightly clunky, but they still serve their purpose nicely.

There’s just a couple of differences I think would make or break your decision within this market. It’s a tough decision to make and there’s no huge mistakes you can make. But depending on the style of your property and what you’re protecting you may have already made your mind up.

Questions from the Market (FAQs)

Why should I get a keyless lock for business or home?

It’s a good question. Keyless door locks are only going to become more popular and older, outdated systems are going to become obsolete. With the advancement in technology, keyless locks are becoming the go-to in heightened security measures.

A key is more of a burden in a modern, busy life than it used to be, whereas accessing keypad door lock or a smartlock is much more of a convenience, especially in the workplace. The working environment is the prime example of somewhere where a key becomes more of a hindrance than anything else, and with a code lock you can easily remember or note down the entry password.

Which option of keyless lock is best for a commercial environment?

The best style of electronic door locks for a commercial environment if the traditional metallic lock. It offers you a number of ideal functions for this setting, including easy code changing ability and a super durable design. The digital lock is much better for personal use in the home, because of some of the added alarm functions and the more lightweight casing.

Do all models use batteries?

All models do not use batteries, however most of them do. The locks with alarm functions (digital) or a lot of the bigger touchpad devices all need a certain type of battery for them to work – they also rarely come with the battery included – this is something you’ll have to buy in addition to your lock. The model’s that don’t tend to use a battery source are the push-button locks that are literally just the fitting and a handle. These don’t need a battery because there’s nothing that needs powering inside them, it’s just a mechanical part.

How easy is the installation?

The installation varies depending on which device you get, but it’s safe to say that most locks aren’t tough to put together. You’re really unlikely to have any issues, and most locks should actually fit into the original space if you’ve previously used a lock there. If you get an unusual lock or something a little larger, there may be extra DIY involved, but most locks advertise themselves on the ability to replace old locks without any fuss.

Can I use these locks outside the house?

Yes, you can. Although it is best to double check with the supplier, especially when purchasing a digital lock. The mechanical locks are OK outside and some digital locks are waterproof, but it is certainly worth consulting the supplier first.

3 of the best brands for keyless door locks available online


August digital locks are at the top end of the keyless lock spectrum. The brand, known for high quality and attractive design are leading the way in advancements with their wireless door locks in both style and technology. A lot of the products within their range are completely unique to the brand, easily distinguishable from a lot of the other locks in the market – even the competitor digital products.
August Smart Door Lock
August are championing smart door locks that are controlled through your iphone/smartphone appliance as a remote through app technology which will only add more of a convenience, futuristic approach to the market. August also product other home appliances such as doorbells and keypad entry, and it is not completely impossible to see the brand linking these together in the future; an approach that will make life easier for the consumer no-end.


Yale are the home security experts that everyone knows about. Traditional in the market, the brand has concentrated more on keyless locks since the market started edging in that direction. Just taking a look at their website for a second shows you the way in which the market is heading. They are one of the oldest brands you can buy online (Amazon and eBay tend to have the best prices)
yale door locks
Once at the forefront of the classic lock designs, now there is little mention of these designs, with ‘smart living’ and in-app technology their main products, bringing the company into 2016. The nice thing to know about this brand is that their entire history has been steeped in being at the forefront of your homes security, they’re a trustworthy brand and have been since 1840.


The biggest name in the lock market right now is Samsung, but this is for what it has gone within other markets that this. The electronics giant is innovating their products and designing really appealing, luxury locks that would fit in most spaces, home or commercial.
Samaung Door Lock
The Korean brand is one of the biggest in the world, and have been in business since 1938. For some perspective of the brand itself, it is the world’s largest electronic brand through revenue, but also holds companies in other industries such as building and insurance.

Glossary Terms

Access Control Devices
Devices that are used to control persons, materials, and vehicles from accessing a protected area.
Adjustable Latch
A latch or door handle that can adapt to varying panel thicknesses by shifting the position of the latch prawl. It can also be capable of regulating the level of gasket compression on the door frame.
Android Compatibility
Locks that use Android operating system to enable communication with other devices such as remote controllers
Anti-hacking Solution
A system that prevents digital auto-locks or door locks from being accessed remotely by intruders
Auto Inductive Sensor
A door locking and unlocking system that detects presence or a human finger or hand without physical contact
Auto Lock
A central locking system that alows simultaneous locking of all doors of an automobile
Auto Unlock
A central locking system that allows an automatic opening of all doors of an automibile
Automated Thumbprint
Keyless lock that uses biometric or fingerprint recognition to open locks
Automatic Lock
A central locking system for automobiles. It prevents vehicle owners from locking their car keys in the vehicle or kids from opening doors when the car is in motion.
Automatic Relocking
An auxiliary device that activates during forced entry to a door or safe to enhance the level of safety.
Automation System
An electronic system designed to control physical access to a restriced area
Autothrow Deadbolt
A deadbot that extends itself fully whenever the door is closed
An electronic system that scans the unique trauts of a human body for verification or identification purposes
A wireless interconnection technology for communication between electronic devices within short distances.
Bluetooth Enabled Locks
Locks that make use of the bluetooth technology to open or close.
Bump Proof
Bump proof locks are those that use programmable sidebars instead of the top pins found in normal locks
Capacitive Touchscreen
A technology that enables a touchscreen to be used as an input device
A combination or symbolic letters and or numerals
A combination of symbols, letters, and numbers of varying lengths used to represent information
A sequence of letters, numbers, or symbols used to open a lock
Catering to a business environment as opossed to a home
Crestron Mesh Network
A network developed by Creston that enables home automation and eliminates the need for physical control wiring.
A type of lock that requires human intervention to extend or unlock.
Deadbolt Automatically Retracted
An automatic mechanism for moving a deadbolt from an extended position to a retracted position. It requires a trigger, which is mostly a key.
A technology that procesess data inform of bits usually represented as 0 or 1.
Door Handing
A protruding object that is attached to a door and used to manually open or lock a door
Drill Resistance
Ability of a lock to resist drill attacks. Drill resistant locks normally have a free rotating hardened steel disc that protects the cylider.
Something that is capable of lasting long
Durable Locking System
A lock made from a material that is long lasting
Short form of electronic keys
Electronic Key Card Systems
A system that uses a card reader, computer, and a database program to manage authorizations
Electronic Knob
A door knob with special codes that are adjusted to match the passcode in order to give access to restricted places
An impression that is made on a surface by a person's fingertip
Fingerprint Recognition
Comparing a fingerprint against the database to authorize people in private places
Fingerprint-resistant Touchscreen
Touch screens that are free of the dirt, grime, and smudges that are left behind by the hands
Grant Access
Allow a person into a restricted area
Highly Secure
Keep safe from intruders
Home Security Solutions
Ways of keeping a home secure using interworking components and devices
IOS Compatibility
A lock system that can be controlled remotely via an iOS app
Power door or auto locks that can be opened remotely using special access keys.
A small keyboard for operating electronic locks or related equipment
Lock Security Solutions
Methods of preventing unauthorized people from accessing your home, office, auto, or property
Lock System
A system that is meant to prevent people from accessing restricted places
Locking Notification
A notification that a digital lock shows on the touchscreen or phone app to show the door is locked
A professional with the ability to choose, install, maintain, and bypass the components of a mechanical and electric lock
Log Record
A description of the changes made to a lock's database
Master Code
A code that makes it possible for authorized people to access different doors within a given area, say a business environment
Maximum Flexibility
Locks that allow changing of access codes whenever you want to
Mechanical locks are those that need a physical object to be released.
Mobile Access Solutions
A technology that allows locking and unlocking a door lock from anywhere
NFCA form of digital communication that enables data transfer between digital devices in close proximity to each other
A keypad that is only expressed in terms of numbers and not letters or symbols
Open Remotely
Open a lock from anywhere without accesing it manually
Outstanding securities
Definitions seem to point to the finance field
A combination of characters that is used to unlock digital locks
Pick Resistant
A lock built with customized features which make it hard to pick
To keep a building or car, and its contents safe from burglars or unauthorized individuals
Push Button Keypad
A switch mechanism used in locks to control the system by either opening or closing when you press the button(s)
Rekey Your Lock
Altering your locks whereby a new set of keys or password combination are allowed to operate it. This happens when a homeowner suspects his keys have fallen into the wrong hands
Being able to control something indirectly from a distance e.g. locking/unlocking your locks with a remote control
Land or area comprising of houses and apartments where people live
Rfid Control
Having the ability to operate a system that functions using radio waves
Satin Nickel
A type of finish where liquid nickel layers are applied to a metal base e.g. doorknob, then covered with protective lacquer topcoat
Single Cylinder Deadbolt
A lock system that needs a key to be unlocked from outside but requires no key to lock/unlock from inside
Smart Key
An electronic access and authorization system that lets you control your door lock and autolock remotely
Smartphone Keylock
A lock system which is controlled entirely through your smartphone
Tamper Proof
A system that is hard to interfere with or change
Tamper Resistant
A system put in place to prevent interference with a product though intentional malfunction or sabotage
Pointing devices with tactile sensors and a unique surface which translates motion and position of your fingers on a screen
Touchscreen Panels
A display screen with a touch-sensitive surface that lets you point directly on the screen using your fingers or a special stylus
User-programmable Passcodes
Passcodes that are added to the system by a user. These passcodes are set and edited from the original mastercode
User-selected Codes
Key codes that are set by a user to grant access rights to a particular lock
Virtual Keys
A technology where keys are integrated into devices such as smartphones such that they are controlled via applications
Wink Hub
A system that supports various wireless connection services and gives you control of your smart devices and systems when linked with the wink app in your mobile device
Wireless Control
A system that allows you to send and receive data or commands through radio waves. It is integrated into various automobiles and programmed to activate devices like locks
Z Wave Mesh Network
A wireless technology protocol that makes use of radio frequency to enable communication among home automation devices.
Zigbee Mesh Network
A high level communication protocol that is implemented over personal area networks that require low bandwith to operate.